The first UK public mobile radiotelephone service was instigated in February 1949 on an experimental basis and then opened for full service in July 1949 and provided connection to the UK telephone system for ships in the Thames estuary

It had 6 channels    157/161.5Mhz  157.1/161.5Mhz  157.2/161.6Mhz   157.3/161.7Mhz  157.4/161.8Mhz  157.5/161.9Mhz and it was an AM system.



The first public mobile radio telephone service for vehicles was opened in Lancashire in 1959

Frequencies used were 159.55/164.05Mhz 159.65/164.15Mhz 159.6/164.1Mhz 159.75/164.25Mhz 159.8/164.3Mhz 159.85/164.35Mhz and modulation was FM


In 1965 a similar service was opened in the London area

Frequencies used were 159.55/164.05Mhz 159.65/164.15Mhz 159.7/164.2Mhz 159.725/164.225Mhz 159.750/164.250Mhz 159.775/164.275Mhz

159.8/164.3Mhz 159.825/164.325Mhz 159.850/164.350Mhz 159.875/164.375Mhz modulation was FM


The above systems were replaced by what was called system 3 around 1972 it was expanded to provide cover outside of the original Lancashire and London areas

It used 37 25khz spaced channels between 163.5/159Mhz and 164.4/159.9Mhz FM


The next generation was System 4 which was divided into 5 zones but with 4 dialing codes London 0034, Midland 0036, North 0034, Scotland 0034, South East  0039

It used12.5Khz channels in the same frequency band as above but with automatic connection to the telephone network.


All of the above systems were subsequently replaced by the cellular phone systems of Vodafone and BT Cellnet.

These used frequencies between 890Mhz and 960Mhz



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