What's New

What's New

07/04/2021   Added a couple of new maps to the Radiophone page

05/04/2021   Updated Racal Cougarnet radio system page 

29/03/2021    Updated more Plessey pages  Plessey vehicle radio  PVS2450  PV2455  PVS1640

                      PV2413  Plessey Tactical Comms

28/03/2021    Updated the following PLESSEY pages  PRC344  PVS1850  PV430  PTR2411

                      PTR3411  PTR349  PRC420  PTR1430  Plessey systems  PRC320-1 

22/03/2021    SABER/MX1000   McMICRO   MX300

21/03/2021    Page updates will appear here